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DDV Solutions


We guide the building companies towards a digital transformation based on standardization and open data exchanges



We are a BIM consultancy, founded by the architect David Delgado Vendrell (2004), which has a digital background and featured sensitivity for the construction phase, it is focused on implementing this technology in the public sector and also private companies around the world working on different stages of asset life-cycle.


Our commitment is to deliver improvement through open, international standards and solutions for the building domain. We collaborate with buildingSMART to promote worldwide standardization based on the openBIM approach, enhancing data management and eliminating disconnected workflows.

We strongly believe in independent quality benchmarks to ensure reliable open data exchanges. 

Information management

We guide your organization across its digital transformation defining a roadmap and designing their information requirements strategy


The freedom to work with the best

in any discipline and using the tools with which we feel more comfortable and productive_



The Digital era needs people used to work with challenging client requirements from an agile and professional point of view

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